Permanently Repairing Your Foundation

The majority of foundation issues have simple and permanent solutions that can be finished within a day or two. As both old and new foundations can experience damages caused by expansive soil, foundation settlement, frost, etc., it is imperative to recognize the problem at the earliest and find a specialist to effectively take care of the problem.

A few of the indications of foundation distress are:

  • Cracked walls and floors
  • Tilted chimneys
  • Drywall cracks
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Sinking concrete
  • Uneven floors
  • Sagging crawlspace
  • Collapsing walls

Effective Foundation Repair

Seeing the symptoms of foundation distress, seek expert help from foundation repair contractors, you can escape from the costs and efforts involved in replacing the foundation. Replacing a foundation requires heavy equipment and anything around the foundation like the porch, the walkways, gardens, etc. need to be removed. The process is quite expensive and time consuming, and would require the house to be lifted up on temporary supports until the foundation is complete. pin pile

However, choosing to rebuild the foundation isn’t always necessary. The actual cause of most foundation distress is the soil surrounding the foundation. As the new foundation is built around the same soil, there are chances of the problem occurring again. Expert contractors are capable of considering the effects of the problematic soils and can plan a strategy accordingly. In these cases, push piers and wall anchors come into the formula. Push piers can help stop the foundation settlement permanently. Using wall anchors, contractors push the soil away counteracting the inward pressure from the soils.

The foundation repair contractors usually do an onsite inspection to gauge the damage caused to the site. They provide a free customized cost quotation along with the site inspection.

Issues Pertaining to Cost of Foundation Repair

The prices vary depending upon: the extensiveness of the damage, the condition of the virgin soil and the backfill soil, the size of the foundation, the time taken to complete the work, the type of materials and tools used, the number of workers, and any other structural complexities present. Other factors like the complexity with which the contractors have to reach the damaged spot in the foundation and the depth to which the helical piers are installed are also considered.

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